Bream Heritage Walk

A and J R – from England

We were told of the walk by Bev at Hawthorne cottage caravan site. Thoroughly enjoyed the walk and your informative booklet and stopped at the Miners Arms for refreshments. I would highly recommend this walk. Was very interesting finding out about the local area whilst walking.
Thank you for an informative guide.

At 39, Missed the sign took the higher road at Saunders green had to double back after speaking to a very helpful resident at the end of the track, got the impression this has happened a few times.
41-44 couldn’t see a footpath ended having to climb over wooden fence roughly at 43 on your map.
Skipped 46-47 joined at 48 reason at 45 on map there is a new build with open garden felt uncomfortable passing and could not see the way to go. Whilst not on your guide the foot path at stoney stile was over grown and un passable.

A & J R

Re 41-44, it looks like you missed the waymark disc just before the gate which is just after 42, so you walked around the gate instead of opening it. This put you in the wrong field. We have added more instructions .
At 45, note the Public Footpath sign and waymark disc point up the field. The footpath runs along the edge of the new build.

Pleased that you were able to re-join at 48.