Bream Heritage Walk

About the walk & Web Site

Using the web site

An image of a waymark disc
Waymark Disc
  • There are 55 waymark discs marking the route. The discs are numbered 1 to 55. The discs are attached to wooden posts and street items.
  • There is a page on the web site for each waymark disc. On each web page is information about nearby features. In some cases, for clarification purposes there are also directional notes.
  • For convenience, the pages are arranged in sections e.g. the first section is for waymarks 1 to 17.
  • There is also an information (INFO) section with safety information, guidance and other information.

1 Mobile (Phone) Menus

On a phone, the menus are accessed from the small black bars on the left hand side of the green bar:

Location of the Hamburger Menu
Tap the two black bars to open the menu.

Tap/click the black bars and the full menu will open – similar to below. You may need to scroll down to the option you want.

Tap the option you want. Scroll down for more.

2 – Desktop and Tablet Menus

Clicking/tapping the options in the green bar will pop open the menu for section.

Menu image no 1

As above, you may need to scroll down to reach the waymark you want.

Menu image no 2


Tapping the waymark at the bottom of a page will return you to the top of the page.