Bream Heritage Walk


  • New signs on the walk.

    New signs on the walk.

    In response to walker’s feedback, to aid navigation around the walk route, three new signs have been added at key points: Between point 47 and point 48. This Kissing Gate is not on the route. People reach this gate by straying to the right on an uphill walk through a long field call The Langett. […]

  • Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Plate

    Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Plate

    Insurance plate visible near point no. 3

  • Heritage Feature Spring Clean

    Heritage Feature Spring Clean

    The tramway feature has been cleared of leaves and twigs. The Rookery high up in the oak trees has been in full voice for a couple of weeks now and new lambs have joined the sheep often seen wandering through the village.

  • Lambing Season – keep dogs on a lead.

    Lambing Season – keep dogs on a lead.

    The lambing season will be with us for the the next few months – so no matter how well behaved your dog is, PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEAD AND STAY ON THE FOOTPATH when following the public footpaths that cross farm land.

  • New Kissing Gate at Post 44

    New Kissing Gate at Post 44

    A new kissing gate has been installed at post 44 near Brockhollands. The Kissing Gate replaces the access through the field gate adjacent to it. The field often contains sheep, so please keep dogs on a lead and close the kissing gate behind you.

  • Knick Knacks on TV again

    Knick Knacks on TV again

    Knick Knacks have appeared on TV again, this time in an episode of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. Former members of Blue, Duncan James and Anthony Costa were the celebrities. (BBC 2 Series 11 Episode 8) Duncan James was paired with Ochuko ‘Chuko’ Ojiri and Anthony Costa with Arusha ‘Roo’ Irvine. Duncan purchased a decorated metal Indian […]

  • Brewed in Bream.

    Brewed in Bream.

    The Forest of Dean Brewery is moving from the Hang Hill Works, Bream to Lydney Park Estate.

  • Walk booklets

    Walk booklets

    Booklet outlets along the route.

  • AH – from Wales

    The walk was very well signposted and easy to follow. The paths were clear an not overgrown. I think that the distance of 6.5 miles is wrong,I estimate it to be one mile longer. I regularly walk 6 miles in about 2.5 hours, and it took me this time to reach point number 38, up […]

  • Tramway gets a Late-Spring Clean

    Tramway gets a Late-Spring Clean

    Using a blower and hand tools, we have removed the fallen oak leaves and accumulated grass cuttings from around the Tramway feature. In addition we removed twigs that have dropped down from the rookery above it. The rooks drop a surprising number of twigs when building their nests.