Bream Heritage Walk

Current conditions

  • Heavy rain in December 2020

    Heavy rain in December 2020

    The exceptionally heavy rain that fell in December 2020 has left some of the tracks and paths on the heritage walk very muddy – the paths will remain muddy for some time. Unusually, part of the forest track from Post 14 to Post 15 is covered in a couple of inches of flowing water. This […]

  • Muddy conditions continue

    The paths and tracks in Noxon Park and along China Bottom to Mill Hill remain in a very muddy state and are best avoided until the weather improves. Also, avoid the woodland sections in the very high winds that are forecast for this weekend.

  • Wet Weather

    Large sections in Noxon Park and in the Oakwood Valley 11-17 and 18-25 are affected by very muddy conditions. Wellingtons are advised.