Bream Heritage Walk

Walker Comments

  • AH – from Wales

    The walk was very well signposted and easy to follow. The paths were clear an not overgrown. I think that the distance of 6.5 miles is wrong,I estimate it to be one mile longer. I regularly walk 6 miles in about 2.5 hours, and it took me this time to reach point number 38, up […]

  • JF – from Scotland

    What a magnificent guide to a rewarding journey of discovery! We missed some of the markers because we were so engrossed in the text from previous markers. (Sometimes also we lost mobile coverage.) It was, however, reassuring to have frequent markers on the way.We’d need to do it again to do it full justice, but […]

  • PG – from England

    Downloaded map from website, (not an option above) hence didn’t realise any additional information available when walking the route. Thoroughly enjoyable, started at 40 due to where we are staying. PG

  • AG – from Gloucestershire

    Loved the walk and will be back to complete at a later date. Unfortunately we went wrong at the start and walked down Parkend Rd instead of High St. doubled back and walked to Hang Hill. Really loved the walk but wished we had picked up a printed map which hopefully would tell us about […]

  • DL – from England

    Description of route and signposts here are not clear enough. We went the wrong way, going along a path behind some houses until it was impassable (due to overgrown bramble/nettles and green fly tipping) then we had to climb over a fence and get back down to the road! This meant we missed parts of […]

  • SD from England

    Unfortunately I could not get a paper copy of the booklet in the recommended outlets. You should put a pdf on the website. It is a great walk and I would have loved to read the heritage SD There is a pdf of the whole route and images of the sections on the web site. […]

  • A and J R – from England

    We were told of the walk by Bev at Hawthorne cottage caravan site. Thoroughly enjoyed the walk and your informative booklet and stopped at the Miners Arms for refreshments. I would highly recommend this walk. Was very interesting finding out about the local area whilst walking. Thank you for an informative guide. At 39, Missed […]

  • MS from Gloucestershire

    Whilst I have walked the area many times it was good to slow down and take notice of the History of village, the Iron Ore and coal mining history, the beauty of the forest… MS

  • TW from Wales.

    A nice walk with some history, scenic in some places and nice woodland walks in others, overall a pretty pleasant experience. My wife and I found that some of the narrower areas of the path e.g. 12-17 and 45-48 were becoming overgrown with brambles, longer grasses and low hanging branches which were definitely a nuisance […]

  • AJ from England

    Stile at 45 couldn’t find, guy that was by number 40 said homeowner has blocked it with a log store. AJ The Stile at 45 is there, sorry you missed it. Ed.