Bream Heritage Walk

23 – Flourmill Land Bridges

The track to the left makes use of one of the land bridges constructed over the Oakwood tramway to allow access to the more modern parts of the colliery. Although the view of this is now obstructed by undergrowth it is still in good order.

A photo of a tunnel beneath the land bridge
A tunnel beneath the land bridge in 2006 – Photo © G Davis

Further on another track on the left passes over a second land bridge just as impressive as this one.
A casual walker crossing either bridge could easily be unaware of the of the massive amount of material and work expended beneath their feet.

The track along which you are walking is the route in and out for the locomotives renovated at the Flourmill. The locos arrive and leave on low loader trailers. The next photo shows a loco about to be winched on to such a low loader.

A photo of a loco at the Flourmill in 2007
Preparations to winch a steam loco onto a low-loader for transport by road at The Flourmill works in 2007. Photo © G Davis