Bream Heritage Walk

Forestry Work in Parkhill Enclosure (Walk points 26 to 29)

A map showing Forestry work in Parkhill in 2021/2022

Please see the advice from Forestry England (below) regarding the work that will be carried out between waymarks 26 and 29 in Winter 2021-2022 and Spring 2022.

Please be aware that there will be essential forest operations beginning in Parkhill Inclosure in the next few weeks. This is part of the same work contract that began a while back. The first part was felling the trees alongside the powerlines in co-ordination with Western Power. The contract then paused whilst a buyer was found for the timber. This contract is now live again and will continue throughout the winter into the Spring. The work should be completed by April 2022. Please see map for exact area of harvesting (highlighted in green).

This will be a thinning operation to favour broadleaved species and improve crop quality. More light will reach the ground flora and the remaining trees to allow them to grow to maturity and therefore improve wildlife habitats. Deadwood will be left in situ to provide nesting for birds, bat roosts etc.The timber from the harvesting will be used in the furniture and construction industries, for example.

You will notice a significant operational presence in the woodland; with banks persons, harvesting machinery, signage,and timber stacks. The works will have some visual impact on the woodland, those walking, cycling will notice rutting of the forest track. We will do our best to use existing extraction routes to minimise the damage to the forest floor, which is inevitable with the scale of machinery that must be used. This will be reinstated where necessary on completion of the work. 

Forestry operations are inherently dangerous, so whilst out and about during this time please adhere to the safety warning signage for your own safety and the safety of those working the in the forest. Banks persons may be present in some locations, and we would politely request that members of the public take heed of any instructions given for the safety of all concerned. Some tracks may be closed off during weekdays whilst operations are underway, but alternative routes will be available.

Harvesting contracts can sometimes be quite drawn out due to the many constraints that we have to work around, so please bear with us as we carry out this important work with the aim of minimising inconvenience to all site users. Thank you for your co-operation.