Bream Heritage Walk

18 – Gloucestershire Way – Mill Hill

The track here that the Gloucestershire Way follows back up the hill predates the more modern road that has been cut into the hillside. This uphill track is the most probable route by which supplies of grain for the Oakwood Mill reached the mill for processing. 

Modern day Bream is now a short walk up the steep road, appropriately named Mill Hill. 

An image showing Extract from 1881 OS Map at Oakwood
Extract from 1881 OS Map at Oakwood. The Oakwood tramline runs from left to right, hugging the hillside on the right, with a branch running back to the Oakwood Mill Deep Level. Bromley Furnace can be seen top right.
An old photo of Oakwood Bottom
View along Oakwood Bottom – photo by Brian James around 1950. This photo was taken from our approximate position looking down along the valley.