Bream Heritage Walk

32 – Grove Road, Whitecroft

We have arrived at edge of the village of Whitecroft. This village once had a very successful rugby team and equally successful male voice choir. Local poet F W Harvey of Yorkley was closely associated with the choir and wrote this verse in 1932:

The Greeks – a poem from 1932 by F W Harvey, probably written about the Whitecroft Male Voice Choir.
By kind permission of the F W Harvey Society

The nickname “the Greeks” in this poem applied to the choir. The Whitecroft football team is still called The Greeks to this day.
The village of Whitecroft too has a nickname. It is sometimes referred to as Dabdown. This may be because it has steep hills on either side and residents of Whitecroft or Dabdowners need to dab their feet down the hillside to reach the centre.