Bream Heritage Walk

25 – Parkend Road, Bream

Across the track you will see a small cutting to your right. This cutting carried the tram line from Flourmill to the Princess Royal Colliery where coal was washed and screened for size. The drams were hauled by a continuous cable similar in operation to the lifts used by skiers for ascending the ski slopes and would have been a major undertaking, as well as being an ingenious piece of engineering design.

There would probably have been two sets of rails, one for full drams going from the Flour Mill Colliery and one for the empty drams making the return journey. This is not known for certain but would have been a logical use of the endless cable system. It is possible that the more adventurous of the colliery workers hitched a ride on a dram when the need arose.

The archway beneath the roadway from Bream to Parkend is easily visible. This may have been built when the cutting was excavated in order for the tram lines to pass under the road. Older residents refer to this as Navvies Arch.

A photo of a Chair from the Flourmill to Princess Royal
Chair from the Flourmill to Princess Royal. (Dean Heritage Centre)