Bream Heritage Walk

RD – from Gloucestershire

We’ve just completed the walks in the Ramblers book, Exploring Historic Dean. These are excellent guided walks and this one is just as good.

The farmer (?) has tied the gates at each end closed instead of using a normal latch. We had to climb over, not everyone can do this.

The path crosses from one side of the fence to the other half way across the field. If this was signed, we missed it. So we had to climb out, not difficult but unnecessary.


This is a public footpath. The farmer is concerned about his sheep escaping onto the road. He ties the gates in a way that can be undone and re-tied.
The older editions of the 1:25,000 OS Map are incorrect at this point (42-43). The footpath now passes through the gate. We have added a waymark sign before the gate and extra instructions to the web page for 42.