Bream Heritage Walk

29 – River Lyd

Caution: the round trip has uneven ground with trip hazards and drops.

If you wish you can leave the track here for a short 15 minute round trip. To do this take the path to the left of the River Lyd and walk upstream for about 300 yards. You will need to be steady on your feet and not afraid of drops to do this.

The river bends to the left, then curves round to the right. You will notice some substantial walls, then in the water against the bank of the curve you will see some large cut-stone blocks. The blocks are the remains of a weir that blocked the river Lyd, raising the water level here and upstream by several feet, forming a large reservoir of water.

A photo showing the remains of the Wier on the Lyd.
The remains of the weir on the River Lyd. A leat ran from the upstream side to feed the millpond at Whitecroft Mill.

An outlet near the top of the weir on this side of the Lyd fed a leat, an artificial watercourse or man-made channel, 2 feet wide and two feet deep. The leat provided water to power the corn mill at Whitecroft.

There were sluices that could be opened to feed the leat which fed a millpond opposite the mill. Any water not required by the leat continued towards Whitecroft over the weir.

Now retrace your steps back to the waymark at no. 29.