Bream Heritage Walk survey

We appreciate your time to take this survey about the Bream Heritage Walk. When answering the questions, think about the last time you walked on all or part of the route.

    About your walk

    Was this your first time doing the Bream Heritage Walk?
    On your most recent walk, did you walk the whole route in one go?
    Which part(s) of the route did you cover? Please check all that apply or approximately apply. You can see these sections on the Route Map (opens in a new tab)
    1-17 Bream Schools to Mill Hill, Bream.18-29 Mill Hill, Bream to the river Lyd near Whitecroft.30-38 River Lyd to Princess Royal Colliery site.39-44 Saunders Green to Brockhollands45-55 Brockhollands to Bream

    What date did take your walk ? - an approximate date is OK

    Based on your experience, how likely are you to…
    a. Walk on the route in the future
    Probably willMight or might notProbably will not
    Can you tell us what you enjoyed about the walk?

    b. Recommend the route to others
    Probably will,Might or might not,Probably will not
    Can you tell us why?

    Finding your way

    How did you find your way around the route?
    Please check all that apply.
    Used the Walk BookletUsed the Walk MapUsed the Website Map pagesFollowed the Signs
    Did you find the signs easy to follow?
    Without the signs would you have found your way around the walk?
    YES - easilyYES - with some difficultyNO
    Is this because one or more of the following apply?
    Unsure where you're allowed to walk?Would not know where to go?Not good with mapsConcerned about getting lostOther reason
    Can you tell us why?

    Did you have problems on the route? e.g. obstacles, following the route etc.


    If you had a problem finding your way or making progress (e.g. path overgrown), where on the route did you encounter it?
    Use the web site maps to identify the nearest point if necessary:
    e.g.  See maps (opens in new window)

    Nearest sign number to where you had the problem (1-55) e.g. 100m before No 5;

    What was the problem?

    Heritage information we provided

    Did you read or listen to any of the heritage information that we provided to supplement the walk?

    Can you tell us why you did not use the Heritage info?
    I have done the walk beforeI'm only interested in the exerciseI was in a hurryI already know about the heritage
    Did you find the information we provided interesting?
    Yes - I enjoyed it a lotYes - I enjoyed it a littleNo - not really

    Did we tell you anything you did not know?

    How did you find the amount of heritage detail we supplied?
    About rightToo much for meWould like more

    Have we inspired you to find out more about our heritage?

    Preparing for the walk

    Did we provide useful information to prepare you? e.g. degree of difficulty, length of walk, hills, shops etc.

    What more can we do to help walkers be prepared for the walk?


    Did you make use of any of the shortcuts we suggested?

    Did you use a bus for a shortcut?


    Just a little about you

    Do you live within walking distance of the route?

    Where do you live?

    What age group do you belong to?

    Are you interested in volunteering to help (e.g. clearing back nettles, informal path inspections, writing articles, moderating comments etc.)?

    Thanks - please fill in your name and email address below and we'll be in touch -

    Final steps


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