Bream Heritage Walk

51 – The Patch

We leave Pastor’s Hill Farm at the kissing gate and enter a field called The Patch. Formerly this was part of Treherne’s farm.

The original footpath ran to the right on the other side of the hedge but has been overgrown for many years. Some metres along this disused path, deep in the foilage, are the remains of part of a stone stile. Beyond it is a public footpath that ascends a steep road, now called Pastors Hill but formerly known by locals as Pig Street. The replacement for the overgrown path now runs inside this field to join Pastors Hill.

A photo of the remains of a stone stile
Remains of part of a stone stile on the old footpath. The stone is about 1.5m wide by about 0.5m high

Back on the route, ahead and further up the slope is the site of a coal pit shaft. It is near a mound of stones.