Bream Heritage Walk

49 – View to Forest Road

The bottom of the drive to the right opens on to Brockhollands Road. Across Brockhollands Road is Forest Road. There are a row of cottages in Forest Road with their backs to the north against the wind.

The writer Elizabeth Holden, better known by her pen name of Louise Lawrence, lived at the end cottage.

She was determined to write and when she wasn’t working at occasional jobs she would sometimes spend twelve to fourteen hours a day, seven days a week writing in longhand in the jumbo pads that she later typed out. Her most famous novel, Children of the Dust, was written in 1985. She began her time in Bream in 1987 and left in 1998.

Louise Lawrence wrote science fiction for teenagers at a time that not many writers, especially not women writers, did. Her stories were either set in Britain or in some sterile city in another galaxy, but her characters were real and she deals with issues that are important to young people. ‘I write for teenagers,’ Louise said. ‘The books contain fantasy elements in a realistic setting—a combination of ordinary human characters influenced by extraordinary forces. Each story also touches upon some wider contemporary issue, such as violence, religion, the role of women, life after death, the conflict of science and nature’