Bream Heritage Walk

New element added to Heritage Feature

A photo of the Heritage Feature

With permission from Forestry England a new stone sleeper uncovered by recent timber extraction has been added to the Heritage Feature.

Tramway Sleeper

The ‘new’ stone sleeper (produced in the early 1800’s!) is in very good condition. It shows something that walkers can expect to encounter on the heritage walk, while the feature itself shows how the stone sleepers were used in a horse-drawn tramway.


The brick that is part of the feature shows the initials P R C – indicating that it was made at Princess Royal Colliery brickworks. Many such bricks were used locally. The walk passes the area in which the bricks were made.

The bricks surrounding the feature were hand-made locally by Coleford Brick and Tile.


Meanwhile, high in the oak trees above the feature, the Rookery is in full swing with nests appearing amid the highest branches.