Bream Heritage Walk

41 – Saunders Green Kissing Gate

The fields ahead belong to the farmhouse on the left. They are currently used for sheep grazing. The public footpath runs along the line of the fence.

A photo of the kissing gate at point 42.
Kissing gate at point 42.. The kissing gate replaces a wooden footbridge removed after damage from a torrential rain storm on 9th May 2023.

If you have a dog please keep it on a lead, do not allow it to run free in the fields and please clean up after it. Please close all gates behind you securely.

If you would like some help with directions here, please continue below.

An image showing the stile at No 42
Stile at No. 42.
After crossing the wooden bridge at No. 41, walk straight ahead, keeping the fence on your left. Follow the power lines.
Do not cross the stile at No 42, keep straight ahead.
After 200m continue over the wooden stile to the right of the metal field gate.
If you are unable to manage the stile use the field gate and close it behind you (the latch can be difficult). The fence is now on your right.
Continue to follow the power lines to the gap in the hedge at No 43.
An image showing Saunders Green to Brockhollands footpath
Approaching No. 43 at the gap in the hedge.
Leave the power lines at 43 and head for the electricity pole to the left of the house ahead.
Pass through the kissing gate at No 44 near the house.