Bream Heritage Walk


Accessibility, Difficulty and Shortcuts

Check the difficulty level, accessibility, type of terrain expected and possible shortcuts here.

There are 2 stiles on the walk, at 45 and 53.

Pavements, road sections and tracks.

Parts of the walk take place on pavements and quiet roads that are in normal daily use, so everyday behaviour is appropriate.
The waymark signs tell you which direction to take. They do not give you any priority over pedestrians, hikers, dog walkers, cyclists or vehicles.
Any of the tracks used, no matter how rutted or potholed will have the occasional vehicle use them.
Tracks in woodland are also occasionally used by vehicles, mainly Forestry England employees looking after the woodlands.

Timber operations

The Forest of Dean is a working forest in which timber operations take place. These operations can use large machinery and cutting equipment.
During the work, signs are placed at entrances to working areas. Please follow the instructions on the signs they are in place to keep you safe..

An image showing Forest operations sign
Example Forest Operations sign


You are likely to encounter animals on the walk. Grazing of free roaming sheep is permitted and you may encounter them anywhere, even in the villages.

On the public footpaths in the fields you may encounter livestock, especially sheep. Please respect the landowners and animals and keep your dog on a lead – and clean up after it. This is especially important during the lambing season. There is information on lambing here. Remember to close and secure gates behind you.

Although less likely, you may encounter feral wild boar. There is advice from Forestry England on how to react to them. We re-iterate here, please do not feed them or leave food for them.

Horses are allowed to be ridden on hard tracks in the Forest. However you may encounter horses on any tracks. Horses can be alarmed by sudden movements, so please move to the side and allow plenty of room for horses to pass.

Clothing and footwear

Strong shoes or boots are advised. In wet weather some sections will be muddy.
Shorts are not recommend especially in Summer when undergrowth and grass will grow up. Hazards could include brambles, nettles and ticks.
Check the weather forecast before setting out and dress appropriately.