Bream Heritage Walk

Difficulty, Terrain and shortcuts.

Walk Grading

The walk difficulty grades below are aligned with gradings suggested by the Ramblers on this web page . Ignore references to “brisk pace” – just walk at your normal comfortable pace and rest if tired.

1-7: Village section.

1-7 uses village pavements. All slopes are gentle.

GRADE: Easy Access.

Shortcut -There is an easy return to the start from 7 via New Road using pavements.

7-11: Hard tracks.

7-11 uses tracks with hard, but uneven surfaces. Slopes are gentle.

GRADE: Easy.

A shortcut can be taken from 10-17 using the Gloucestershire Way footpath. This section of the Gloucestershire Way uses a quiet road and an uneven downhill track.

11-17: Woodland.

11-17 uses forest tracks through woodland that are uneven and can become a little overgrown in places in summer. It can be muddy in wet weather, especially 11-12 and 16-17. There is a moderately steep, rutted downhill slope, between 13 and 14.

GRADE: Leisurely with a 400m Moderate hill between 13 and 14.

A shortcut can be taken back to the start from 17 by walking up Mill Hill (Oakwood Road) which is a steep road with a grass verge – but no pavements for the first 300m. After that the slope lessens and pavements can be used.

17-25: Path and track.

17-25 uses a short uphill road section, so please be aware of traffic. It then follows a section of the Gloucestershire Way, that has a short, moderate but uneven, downhill slope. The remainder uses a track that narrows before 21. Between 21 and 22 is a section that can flood to a depth of 0.5m and become muddy in wet weather. If flooded, simply work your way around the water using the grassy land to the left. 22-25 uses a hard track.

GRADE: Leisurely.

A shortcut back to the start can be taken from 25 by walking up the road (Parkend Road). The first 30m has no pavement, then the remainder, which is gentle uphill walking has a pavement on both sides of the road.

25-29: Woodland tracks.

This section uses hard woodland tracks with a long, moderately steep, downhill section.

GRADE: Leisurely.

An easy shortcut can be taken from No 29 to No 35 to Whitecroft village by using the roadside pavement.

29-34: Woodland paths, quiet roads, (fenced) path alongside railway.

Take care crossing the road at 25. The woodland section uses an uneven uphill path that crosses a railway line. Follow the instructions on the sign at the crossing. After the woodland, be aware of vehicles on the road section. Follow the instructions on the sign at the second crossing.

GRADE: Leisurely.

Shortcut: 34 is a good place to catch the No 23 bus back to the start in Bream. The bus stop is across the level crossing, just around the corner to the right. Wait on the side of the road opposite the bus stop sign. Hold out your arm as the bus approaches.

34-38: Village pavements.

Take care crossing the road at the level crossing. The river Lyd at Whitecroft is the lowest point in the walk. This section uses village pavements.

GRADE: Easy.

Shortcuts: there are bus stops at 37 and near 38. The No 23 bus can be taken to the finish if the hill is to be avoided.

38-41: Quiet roads.

Be aware of vehicles on this section which has gentle slopes.

GRADE: Easy Access.

41-44: Public footpath through fields.

This section uses fields in which livestock is reared, so please keep dogs on a lead and clean up behind them. Please close and secure gates behind you. Gentle slopes but there may be long grass.

GRADE: Leisurely.

44-45: Quiet road section.

Be aware of vehicles on this short section on a quiet road. There is a gentle uphill slope.

GRADE: Easy.

45-53: Public footpaths through fields with 2 stiles and steep sections.

There is a stile at 45 and another at 53. The surfaces are uneven and there are steep sections with uneven surfaces between 47 and 52.

GRADE: Moderate with steep uneven section for 100m before 48 and a grassy steep section for 50m after 48.

54-1: Quiet roads and pavements

The last section uses good surfaces over flat ground.

GRADE: Easy access.